We sit. You rest. We sit. You rest.

We sit. You rest.

friend-sourced sitters

Thank goodness it's Friday.

A long time friend was developing a first-of-its-kind babysitting app. The idea was to create localized social groups of parents & sitters for quick childcare referrals, scheduling and payment. Our role was to help define the key audiences, to name the service, and to create a visual language for the brand. We loved the name “Friday” which harkens to a fun night out as well as to a “guy- or girl-Friday” helper. From there, a cool and easy to use teenage business world could be born.


Key takeaways

  • Creative and strategic thinking to help a startup succeed

  • Evaluate positioning through layered audience hierarchy

  • Brand voice equals trust and emotional connection

What we did

  • Naming and identity design

  • User interface design

  • Brand extensions and visual language

  • Photo illustration and image library


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